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Aims and learning outcomes

This is an exciting and novel EU funded project which is gathering data collected by school students from across Europe. The project has been designed to be relevant and applicable to children across Europe and also be of scientific use. The project will:

  • Enhance teacher’s knowledge and understanding of biodiversity and sustainable development.
  • Build the capacity of teachers to be able to create and deliver effective and relevant out of classroom learning experiences for young people.
  • Improve teachers and young people’s awareness and understanding that European and global scale solutions are required for successful sustainable development.
  • Develop out of classroom learning frameworks and opportunities for biodiversity that improves student’s motivation for learning about sustainability.
  • Write innovative out of classroom activities and approaches to biodiversity learning that are inclusive, enable students to acquire relevant learning skills and where they can see the relevance and links between learning and life.
  • Create support materials and structures for teachers and students engaged in out of classroom learning related to biodiversity.
  • Produce a methodology for biodiversity observation that is robust and that produces results that can be used by the scientific community.
  • Engage a greater number of teachers and students in innovative out of classroom learning throughout Europe.