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Benefits of OCL

Out of classroom learning is where educational activities take place outside the normal classroom learning environment. Out of classroom learning has the aim of improving students knowledge of a subject. However, the skills, values and personal development also form a vital element of a students learning and achievement.

The benefits of out of classroom learning include:

  • Improvements in academic achievement.
  • Provide a bridge to higher order learning.
  • Develop skills and independence in a widening range of environments.
  • Make learning more engaging and relevant to young people.
  • Develop active citizens and stewards of the environment.
  • Nurture creativity.
  • Provide opportunities for informal learning through play.
  • Reduce behaviour problems and improve attendance.
  • Stimulate, inspire and improve motivation.
  • Develop the ability to deal with uncertainty.
  • Provide challenge and the opportunity to take acceptable levels of risk.
  • Improve young people’s attitudes to learning.

There is a tight connection between good quality out of classroom learning and performance in the classroom.  Our project will have the ability to support several areas of the curriculum including geography, biology, citizenship, ICT and sustainable development.  Having a real project to work with, we believe, will enable the learning of children to be more successful and meaningful.  


Photo: Martina Prohaczkova

The project has been developed so schools can use their school grounds or the local environment to obtain results.  It is intended that the students can be given the responsibility for examining and reporting on the project.  It is hoped that the experiences they get will give them relevant experience of a scientific project that will deepen and enrich their learning.

The Beagle Project aims to provide the resources, support, guidance and training for teachers and students to make this a good out of classroom experience.  Working with schools and local authorities it is hoped that this will be an engaging project for young people to engage them with their local environment in a safe manner.