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Scoala "Constantin Brancusi"

AddressStr. Horticultorilor nr.1
Organization typePrimary and lower secondary school
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"Constantin Brancusi", a school from Cluj-Napoca, is a public primary and secondary school in an urban area. The age of our pupils is from 7 to 15. We have 38 teachers and 545 pupils. We are working with pupils who derive from all social levels. There are also integrated minorities, such as Hungarians (8%), who are taught in their native tongue. Some of the pupils come from disrupted families, orphans and families with a very low income. Thanks to the teachers, our school has very good results. In 2008 it was awarded the Title and Diploma "EUROPEAN SCHOOL" by the Minitry of Education and Research.

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LZV A17.03.2010
LZIV B17.03.2010
LZVII D17.03.2010
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