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A few suggested actions to help your students start thinking...if they need it!

Individual Actions

  • Walk more
  • Turn off lights
  • Close windows when the heating is on
  • Draw curtains in the evening
  • Turn heating down by 2oC
  • Reduce, reuse and recycle more

Schools' Actions

  • Fit low energy light bulbs
  • Install an energy efficient boiler
  • Buy low carbon emission vehicles
  • Generate energy using a woodchip boiler
  • Insulate all school buildings to a high standard
  • Produce your own renewable energy
  • Serve locally sourced food
  • Do not serve junk food
  • Plant trees in the schools grounds
  • Only buy recycled products where available

National Actions

  • Set a national cap for carbon emissions
  • Issue carbon credit cards
  • Invest in renewable energy research and technologies
  • Ban all cars failing emission standards
  • Nationwide tree planting campaign
  • More investment in public transport
  • Build high speed train links between all cities
  • Introduce a carbon tax